Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Aqua Fugit

Waterproof system

We present our new Hydrofugation System, the result of the R&D department of our company.


Química Internacional

We are a company that focuses its activity on the design, manufacture and marketing of chemical products for the leather industry.

Likewise, in our laboratories, we work on the design of leather articles.

All the aspects mentioned are subject to work standards established, contemplated and regulated by the ISO 9001/2015 Standard.

The Química Internacional team seeks customer identification and satisfaction, basing its quality policy on supplying them with products and services that meet their expectations.

The experience of our team of professionals, as well as our extensive knowledge of the market, allow us to base our commitment to the client on the search for quality solutions adapted to their context, which allow us to obtain the necessary quality results.

Our team, based on the product safety data sheets, as well as the regulations and technical information, will provide you with all the information on the processes of use of our products.

Our company is an Authorized Partner of Smit & Zoon, a chemical company for leather tanning concerned with the sustainable production of leather and its environmental impact.

Química Internacional para el Curtido has achieved the “Certification of Leather Naturally Membership 2021”.

Química Internacional para el Curtido joined the Leather Working Group / LWG in 2020 to support more sustainable leather manufacturing.

We have managed to renew our commitment to continuity within the ISO 9001/2015 quality registry, reaching an extension of the Certification until April 8, 2024.

QIN new products

Helpacrom 3

The product is an emulsion, and as such, may be subject to small variations in color and consistency. These variations have no influence on the application or technical properties.

Helpa CR6

The product is resistant to electrolytes in common processes and concentrations. As it is an emulsion, it is subject to small variations in color and consistency.


Water repellent agent for all skin types with a medium/high degree of water resistance. Suitable for skins that are going to be tested with the Bally penetrometer.


CS-0808 gives a glossy, transparent, non-thermoplastic film. With good behavior when ironing, polishing and polishing.


In this section it is intended to have a small redoubt on the knowledge in the tanning technique.

We will try to make this “Library” section “alive”; It will be continuously updated and we will expand it according to our possibilities so that it becomes a point of reference for anyone in love with our work. Obviously, most of the information included in this section has been taken from the sources mentioned below and, although it has been affirmed by certain researchers, it is not necessarily shared by those who expose it on this page.


New color trens

New color trens

Our represented Codyeco has presented us with the new color trends for the upcoming Autumn Winter...