Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

New color trens

3 June 2023

Our represented Codyeco has presented us with the new color trends for the upcoming Autumn Winter 24/25 season.

It is a very balanced range of colors and in accordance with the season in question. The core element and narration topic is represented by nature.

In the STRONG scenario, a nature featured by strength and power emerges, connected to soil and terrain, while the need to retrieve a relaxed dimension and more introspective makes a calmer nature come out in the theme REFUGE, where visual and tactile elements, capable of embracing quiet and relax feeling, can be found.

With EXPERIMENTAL, instead, and again thanks to the consolidated trend of the multiverse, nature is unusual and watched through infrared lens, a completely different concept for ARCHAIC where nature shows itself without masks, in its more rawest and and more realistic primordial and authentic identity.