Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Our highly qualified staff will provide you with professional advice on any specific product required in the transformation process of the tanning industry, both in terms of its applications, technical characteristics, as well as its forms of use.

The great experience of our team is our added value. At Química Internacional we adapt to your requirements to advise you on your needs and offer you our best service/performance.

For any questions or queries, do not hesitate to call us through the web, by phone, e-mail, or coming to our location, in Lorca (Murcia), where we will gladly assist you.


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Process Design

In Quimica Internacional para el Curtido (QIN), we design the procedures for the use of chemical products for the treatment of the skin, allowing its systematic application based on current legal provisions.

Our team, based on the product safety data sheets, as well as the regulations and technical information, will provide you with all the information on the processes of use of our products.

In addition, at present, the trend towards the use of less polluting physical and technological processes is a fact. At Química Internacional we are aware of the new social demands and those of our clients, advising on those processes that have repercussions on the optimization of procedures, our objective being the satisfaction of the client’s demands, with the minimum environmental impact.

Dermaliq Liquid Colorants

Dermaliq LS

(Low solvent)

Dermaliq’s LS dyes range presents the novelty of being a type of metal complex dyes that contain a fairly reduced amount of solvents, approximately 50% less, compared to the rest of conventional dyes for finishing.

Dermaliq ST


It is a range of metal complex dyes for conventional finishing and very interesting in terms of quality/price for the leather finishing area.

Dermaliq MF

(Metal free)

It is a quite interesting range for its ecological concept. Dyes of great vividness and clean hue and free of metals.

Sale of Products

At Química Internacional para el Curtido (QIN) we have products for processing leather in each of its phases, from the conservation and soaking to the finishing of the leather.

Get to know our product catalog and ask our technicians for advice. Our team will advise you on the range of products that offers you the best solutions.

At Química Internacional para el Curtido (QIN) we adapt to your requirements to advise you on your needs and offer you the best value for money.