Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Discover the characteristics of some of our products that we offer to our clients. This is a range that we will update day by day with complementary products to our catalogue.

Dermaliq LS

(Low solvent)

Dermaliq’s LS dyes range presents the novelty of being a type of metal complex dyes that contain a fairly reduced amount of solvents, approximately 50% less, compared to the rest of conventional dyes for finishing.

Dermaliq ST


It is a range of metal complex dyes for conventional finishing and very interesting in terms of quality/price for the leather finishing area.

Dermaliq MF

(Metal free)

It is a quite interesting range for its ecological concept. Dyes of great vividness and clean hue and free of metals.

Tanqin AS

Compound based on aluminum and sulphone, improves grain firmness and fiber structure. Very suitable for any type of white leather.

Tanqin PR

Protein retanning agent with high tone leveling and plush leveling properties. Improves elasticity, grain firmness and tear resistance.

Tanqin PRE

Retanning agent for chrome leathers that gives fullness, tube feel and padding to the skin. Does not add formaldehyde to the wet end process.

Tanqin PYP

It disperses and helps penetrate retanning agents and anionic dyes. Product totally free of free formaldehyde.

Tanqin VG White

Advisable for a wide spectrum of articles; especially recommended for automotive upholstery, furniture or other high quality leathers.

Tanqin LFO

Excellent filling effect especially on the flanks. Ecological product that meets the high demands against free formaldehyde.

Helpa MSA

It improves the exhaustion of the tanning and, used in the fixing of the wet end, it also presents better exhaustion of the baths.

Helpa DPG

Fatliquoring auxiliary that prevents the creation of excessive static charge on ground, brushed or polished articcles.

Neuqin WF

Neutralizing agent for chrome leather, displaces acids from chrome-collagen complexes and converts unfixed chrome into tanning chrome complexes

Soaqin H 50

Surfactant agent for the rewetting of all skin types. It presents a homogeneous and fast water absorption.