Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Dermaliq ST dyes agents


It is a range of metal complex dyes for conventional finishing and very interesting in terms of quality/price for the leather finishing area.


Range of solubilized metal complex dyes, dilutable both in water and in water-soluble organic solvents.


System created for spray dyeing although it can also be used for drum dyeing. Selected for their high levels of light fastness and fastness to water droplet staining. They are miscible with other colorants in the range, which allows us to achieve a very wide range of colors.


They are normally used in spray dyeing, curtain dyeing, with a Roll-coating machine, being especially recommended for immersion dyeing. In addition, thanks to their accentuated shine, they are widely used in nubuck leather corrections and in the top coat dyeing process. It is possible to mix it with other anionic dyes.


When handling this product, the indications contained in its safety data sheet must be observed. In addition, the precautionary measures and occupational hygiene protection necessary for work with chemical products must be taken.


Colour Light fastness PVC migration Waterdrop solidity COV % pH
Yellow ER
5-6 2 5 38-43 6-11
Yellow EG 5-6 2 5 49-51 6-11
Lemon 5-6 4-5 4-5 58-60 9-11
Orange 5-6 2 5 41-46 6-11
Red EB 5-6 2 5 44-48 6-11
Red EG 5-6 2 5 44-48 6-11
Fuchsia 3-4 2 5 60-70 6-11
Brill. Blue EB 4-5 3-4 3-4 58-62 6-11
Navy Blue ER 5-6 2 5 41-46 6-11
Turquoise 3-4 2 5 74-76 6-11
Brown EB 5-6 2-3 3-4 41-44 6-11
Dark Brown ER 5-6 2 5 51-54 6-11
Light Brown EG 5-6 2 5 51-54 6-11
Red Brown ER 5-6 2 5 51-54 6-11
Black ER 3-4 2 5 64-66 6-11
Black ES 3-4 2 5 64-66 6-11


The information in this publication is based on our current knowledge and experience. They do not presuppose a legal guarantee regarding certain properties or the suitability for a specific application. Due to the numerous influences that can occur during the handling and use of our products, they do not exempt the transformer or handler from carrying out their own controls and tests. Anyone who receives our products is himself responsible for observing existing patent rights as well as applicable laws and regulations.


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