Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Neuqin WF

Neutralizing agent

Neutralizing agent for chrome leather, displaces acids from chrome-collagen complexes and converts unfixed chrome into tanning chrome complexes. Ensures the absence of chrome stains, improving the firmness and fineness of the grain.

Its use considerably reduces the free formaldehyde that could be in the leather.

More even dyeing and a more homogeneous hydrophobization are obtained.


Given the variables that take part during the process, final tanning pH, age of the hides, article for which we use the hides, etc., a certain quantity cannot be guaranteed. This amount must be adjusted at the tannery. Normally, its application is between 1% and 3% as a sole neutralizer on the reduced weight. As long as our Neuqin WF is previously added, it can be used in combination with other conventional neutralizers such as sodium formate and/or sodium bicarbonate.


It has excellent solubility in contact with water. Neuqin WF is a balanced mixture of neutralizing agents with complexing power that provide certain properties that allow a homogeneous neutralization throughout the leather, through neutralization by complexation of the strong free acids in the leather, replacing them with weaker acids and, in addition, the Neuqin WF manages to neutralize the free chrome of the skin, transforming it into chrome complexes with a tanning character, which allows us a much calmer entry of the anionic products added later, which will provide us with a better distribution of the same, greater equalization of the dyes and also, in the case of waterproof articles, a greater homogeneity due to the non-existence of free chromium that produces unwanted precipitation of anionic products.


Free formaldehyde (ppm) observed after a conventional neutralization versus neutralization with Neuqin WF.


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