Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Tanqin AS

Pretanning and tanning agent

Compound based on aluminum and sulphone, improves grain firmness and fiber structure. Very suitable for any type of white leather. Get brighter tinctures for leather and split leather.

In suedes and nubucks, it considerably improves its buffing capacity. Gives fullness and fine grain.

Highly recommended for leather intended for automotive and aviation upholstery.

Synergistically extends the effectiveness of sulfone and aluminum based compounds: 1+1>2.


It is incorporated as a powder into the neutralizing bath before applying the neutralizers in quantities that range between 3% and 5% of the shaved weight. In the case of applying it after greasing, it must be added in a new bath. In the case of a wet white pre-tanning, it will be applied in the pickling bath after the addition of aldehyde if the pre-tanning is carried out with this product.

Properties on Nubuck and split leathers

Enhance the writing effect. Gives finesse to the fiber for split velour. More compact structure. High level of solidities also with regard to its resistance to tearing. Free of chrome and vegetable tannins.

Properties on full grain leathers

Retanning agent for wet blue and wet white leathers. It is a product resistant to UV light and provides whiteness that allows dyeing of light tones, even and vivid tones as well as uniform distribution. It has a more compact structure and excellent buffing ability. Gives a grain firmness. Recommended for «Box-calf» type leathers.

Properties on wet white

Agent for pre-tanning and retanning of wet white that significantly improves grain firmness in this type of tanning. Leathers tanned with Tanqin AS will present significantly improved fastness to heat and light. It gives the wet white leather an improved aptitude for shaving process.


Appearance: Powder.
Color: White.
pH: 3.00-3.50
Solid content: 95%±2,0


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