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Tanqin PR

Protein retanning agent with high tone leveling and plush leveling properties

Retanning agent for chrome leather. Balanced mix of sulphone and protein based retanning agents, improves elasticity, grain firmness and tear resistance.

The Tanqin PR helps to equalize during the dying process of leathers and split leathers. It does not add formaldehyde to the wet end process.

En serrajes, se obtienen tinturas con alta igualación entre crupones de una misma partida.

Por la propia naturaleza del producto la mejora en la lijabilidad de serrajes y cueros plena flor es considerable.


Due to its chemical nature, it can be used in both split and full-grain leathers in any part of the process starting from the neutralized one. If what we are looking for is firmness, it may be interesting to add it after greasing, but also looking for filler, we can place it in the retanning package. In the event that we want to obtain the best performance of the product, it is advisable to add it before the retanning agents and, even in the neutralizing process, 30 minutes after applying the neutralizing agents. The amounts will range between 2% and 5% of the product based on the shaved weight of the leather. It is important for the good performance of the product that we have a certain amount of bath in the drum.

Properties on Split leathers

It is a mixture of sulphone-based retanning agents and protein derivatives that allows the leather to achieve selective filling in empty or weak areas of the leather, improving the filling and grain firmness as well as its elasticity. It is a product that provides quite considerable improving possibilities on the skin. If we refer specifically to the world of split leather, whether we place it 30 minutes after adding the neutralizers or before the anionic retanning agents, it will considerably improve the homogeneity in the distribution of the rest of the products, achieving an equalization within the drum even when we refer to items that include splits of different tanning. It is worth mentioning the outstanding improvement in terms of the buffability of the split leather, leaving a very regular plush and, as we have mentioned, very even, in addition to a full split leather with a good touch.

Properties on full grain leathers

The dispersing power of other products that accompany Tanqin PR allows, not only the proper filling of products of this nature, but also that this distribution is homogeneous. What is achieved with this particular effect of Tanqin PR? Well, that the filling is so regular throughout the leather that when applying the dye, it is also regular and homogeneous without us finding different unwanted shades throughout the length and width of the leather or suede. The improvement of grain firmness will be provided by this product if we place it both next to the retanning package and after fatliquoring. The versatility of Tanqin PR forces the tanner to carry out his own tests to analyze at what point in the process it is most convenient to use it according to its requirements. Due to the nature of the components of Tanqin PR, it does not add formaldehyde to the skins that are treated with it.


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