Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Tanqin PYP

Ratanning and dying auxiliary

It disperses and helps penetrate retanning agents and anionic dyes. Product totally free of free formaldehyde. It confers a fine grain and it maintains the elasticity of the grain.

It helps to even out dyings, for all kinds of high quality articles.

Product free of free formaldehyde: it neither contributes nor generates it in the skin.

It helps to penetrate vegetable tanning agents used in tanning and retanning.


The use of Tanqin PYP gives the grain a quite acceptable pore fineness since it does not overload the grain, rather, the discharge given the low reactivity that it causes in it. The grain remains elastic even when using highly astringent retanning agents. In a conventional retanning, about 3% of Tanqin PYP is usually used, 15′ or 20′ minutes before the addition of the main retanning package.


Tanqin PYP is a product that improves the penetration capacity of retanning and coloring products, allowing both these and those to do so in a homogeneous way and achieving greater equalization and distribution of the products through the use of these products. Tanqin PYP is easily soluble in water. It also accelerates the penetration of vegetable tanning products and other anionic products, reducing astringency when penetrating the leather. Due to the neutralization that it produces when it enters the leather, before the retanning of chrome-tanned hides, a relaxed and homogeneous penetration of the retanning agents and dyes added later is produced. The result is a more even and intense dyeing crust where the neck veins are less noticeable than with a conventional dispersant. The product does not lower dyes considerably.

By achieving a relaxed and homogeneous distribution of the retanning products and anionic dyes, we obtain a more even dyeing in the resulting crust.

Since it helps to reduce the reactivity of the grain, it allows highly astringent retanning products not to damage its elasticity.


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