Química Internacional para el Curtido S.L.

Tanqin VG White

Ratanning and dying auxiliary

Vegetable extract that provides extreme whiteness. For vegetalized white or pastel colored articles. It confers the vegetable extract typical filling on the skin.

It provides filling, firmness and a soft touch to the leather retanned with it, as well as an unusual whiteness in the case of a vegetable extract.

Totally or partially replaces additions of titanium dioxide in the skin.


It can be directly applied to the drum as it is presented. Referring to the shaved weight, it is recommended to use quantities of around 6%-8% for softy nappas or shoe upper leathers and 4%-6% for goat or lamb suede. It can be used in the main retanning package or after fatliquoring.


Advisable for a wide spectrum of articles; especially recommended for automotive upholstery, furniture or other high quality leathers. It has a much higher light fastness compared to other commonly used extracts: mimosa, quebracho or chestnut. Provides greater cleanliness and shine to the dyes made after use. Used in the retanning of chrome-tanned leather, Tanqin VG gives fullness and firmness to the leather as well as softness and fineness to the grain.

Ideal complement for wet white or «Free of Chrome» tanning automotive upholstery leathers that are going to be dyed in white or in very clean pastel tones.


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